Our vision is to create new opportunities that lead to ultimate financial freedom.

What does financial freedom mean to you?

To some it may mean retiring early. To others, it may be owning a home or embarking on a trip around the world.
Founded in South Korea and headquartered in Singapore, we began in 2023 with one belief: that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.
Today, members in over 140 countries use our platform to maximize the power of their crypto assets through secure and simple investing.
Some say our rates are too good to be true—but we’re 100% committed to helping you invest the way you want with our diverse products and enjoy the highest earn rates in the market, every single day


Directly Managed Assets

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Jason Well

Forex trader

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Jackie Miller

Market analyst

<p>Good returns, great UI and transparency equals a product I enjoy and trust</p>


Brette Neil

Forex analyst

<p>Grayhyip is very easy to use. The different options are easily understandable once you read through them. The fixed returns are fantastic. I highly recommend Grayhyip!</p>


Jack Milo